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Data Processing Agreement

Data Processing Agreement

Avarn Security’s Data Processing Agreement’s contains the terms that applies to the processing of personal data that takes place between us when we perform services for you as a customer. In the Data processing agreement, we have also proposed an instruction that specifies how personal data is handled by us.

Avarn Security’s Data Processing Agreement’s satisfies the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since there is a close connection between the services from Avarn Security, the terms and conditions that govern the services and the data processing agreement, it is important that these terms and conditions and the data processing agreement apply to the services from Avarn Security.

Customers standard data processing agreements are usually standardized and rarely covers the services provided by Avarn Security and do not adequately regulate the processing of personal data resulting from the services. Avarn Security’s Data Processing Agreement should therefore be used as standard.

Avarn Security uses subcontractors for some operational and service-related tasks. These subcontractors may have access to personal data and act as Avarn Security’s data processors. Data processing agreements have been entered between these subcontractors and Avarn Security in line with the requirements of GDPR. A list of our national subcontractors is made visible in the data processing agreement.

If you as a customer would like a list of the subcontractors that Avarn Security hires for the services you purchase from us, you are welcome to contact us. Contact your contact person/contract manager with us or send an email to: post@avarnsecurity.com